Raid Procedures Raid Readiness
We use a loot council system that takes into account your performance, attitude and attendance.
Loot in this guild is considered ancillary to success. Raiders in this guild are not concerned with shiny purples. We are here to kill bosses - this is the feeling we subscribe to this game for. Having good loot comes with the territory, but that isn't the game. The game is raiding and being successful as a team.

Progression is getting better at this game. Progression is mastering hard-mode bosses and their mechanics. Progression is also showing up for farm day even though you don't need anything. Progression is dedicating yourself and being at the top of your game 9 hours a week. And yes, this is fun for us!

You will be asked to sit if deemed necessary by your leadership. You can be asked to sit because a class is better then yours for progression or because you are having a bad day (and it's ok! It happens). You can be sat because your are repeatedly failing at a specific mechanic, because your performance is deteriorating or because your attitude is wearing down the team. We also often ask for volunteers when invites are out and we appreciate when raiders do so to rotate the team.
You are online and at the instance we are currently raiding 15 minutes before raid time and ready for your invitation. You have all your consumables in your bags and you are fully repaired. All raiders are expected to be fully raid-ready, every raid day, unless they have posted in advance that they will be missing. The guild provides flasks, enchants, gems, food, potions.You have done your research on the fight and your gear is fully optimized. You have looked up how to maximize your current specialization and what specific role you might have on the fight.

Raiders are responsible for keeping their raiding characters up to date with class theorycrafting, spec dominance, gemming, enchants, and min-maxing - and to take these things very seriously. Raiders need to have a solid understanding of these fundamentals in order to help the team succeed. If a raider doesn't know their class in and out, it is considered as being not raid-ready

Eighty Six has historically adopted a policy 100% of absences excused, as long as those absences are communicated in advance. Real life is and will always be more important than this video game. However if you join this team, we expect you to have consistent weekly attendance and adjust to it. If your real life becomes too unstable to support raiding during our chosen raid times, it happens and it's fine. You will become back-up and eventually a raider again when your life adjusts to our times again. In the meantime though we will have to recruit to replace your core spot.
Respect and Leadership

The Officers are here, not to police you or hold your hand, but to make sure the guild's activities are successful. In order to serve the guild more successfully, we create rules and guidelines that will help guide the guild, it's members and raiders to success. The guild members not only abide by these rules, they lend a hefty hand in making them. If we have to, we will step in and make sure the team stays in good health and morale. We are also here to lead the raid, to make sure that our strategies are successful, and to make sure nobody is killing it for others.

We expect absolute respect for one another. Our team will always be more important then one raider. To quote Albert Einstein, “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” In some cases, there are things that your teammates can do that will make you have feelings about them one way or another. If those feelings are not good, they must be expressed respectfully or not at all. Ignoring and muting players on your team during the raid is disrespectful and absolutely unacceptable. If one raider has an issue with another, the officers can arrange a meeting to help resolve that issue during non-raid times.

Respect ties into each and every category of this charter. If you are not raid-ready, that is disrespectful to the entire team. If you take it upon yourself to call out and criticize other raiders in mumble while you are not designated to do so, that is disrespectful to the entire team. If you are not ready for a pull after pushing ready on a ready check, that is disrespectful to the entire team. If you are taking an inordinate amount of time to get ready prior to a ready check, that is disrespectful. If you are going AFK between pulls or during trash, that is disrespectful. If you are upset about a loot or sitting decision and then cause a ruckus about it instead of calmly addressing the officers about it, that is disrespectful to the entire team. If you use mumble to brag, berate or pad your ego, it is also disrespectful to the team. If you are late or absent without advance notice, that is also disrespectful. Remember, as easy as it is to be a little narcissistic about any of these things, taking care of anything that can impede performance or attendance is a sacrifice that we all make to be here.

Open Door Policy
Eighty Six adopts an open-door policy. We accept all feedback from all guild members. The raid communicates and progresses together. If at any point there's a problem with anything - the raid, guild leadership, loot, whatever - approach an officer or assistant officer during non-raid times.
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